Friday, July 22, 2016

Tim Kaine Calls for Deregulation for Banks -- SIGH


Read it and weep, my progressive friends.  This poor choice for Vice President is what Hillary and her Wall Street puppeteers are telling us is "progressive."  Even the Koch brothers are voting for Clinton this time around (because they know she will do Wall Street's and their bidding) and she can't ignore that kind of money by picking Bernie or Elizabeth Warren as a running mate. 

The corporate masters and establishment must think we, the people are very dumb to just keep accepting their rulership and voting for their candidates.  Because Hillary thinks she is destined to win the White House (given that she is running against a Hitler wannabe), she has decided to dump us Sanders voters by the wayside, figuring we HAVE to vote for her, even if we don't want to.  I have a feeling, though, that not all Sanders voters are going to go for Hillary.  Some could not stand to hold their nose and cast a vote for her, especially after her pick of a conservative Wall St. type as her Veep.  They will cast their presidential votes for Jill Stein -- or even perhaps for Gary Johnson.  I think she may have made a big mistake.  We can only hope her so-called "safe" pick of Kaine doesn't put Trump in the White House. 

I am terribly disappointed that real progressives did not get in this time around, but we will still have Bernie and Elizabeth in the Senate -- and maybe, if Hillary can cast off the Wall St. chains for a minute or two, we might get a "kind-of, sort-of" progressive in her cabinet.  And surely we will get better picks for the Supreme Court than Trump would give us.  This is the best we can hope for with Hillary at the helm. But at some time in the future, our kids or grandkids will cast intelligent votes to bring in some socialistic programs for the poor and middle class (if it survives till then). 

Please get the newest Michael Moore film from Netflix to see how we could have primo education for our kids, free from nursery school through college -- with delicious nutritious food served to them every day in beautiful school cafeterias where they actually have tables and chairs for the kids--and art and music, to boot; and adult workers get 6 weeks of paid vacation per year, plus holidays and 6 months paid maternity leave, and 2 hours for lunch every work day (which actually makes for better production!) -- and on and on and on.  The film is called "Where Should We Invade Next?"  It is a real eye-opener!  But don't look for us to get anything like that from a Trump or a Clinton.  We'll have to wait for another Bernie or Elizabeth to appear on the scene in future years before we can catch up to Finland, Iceland, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and many other countries who already have that kind of life for their citizens.  We had a chance this year to make a start toward it with Bernie -- but blew it.

SIGH.  And that's how it is in this, the 21st century, in the United States of America, a "leader" country on a small planet called Earth in the outer regions of the Milky Way galaxy--just to put a little broader perspective on it all. (~.~)