Friday, July 29, 2016

Fox viewers didn't get to see the Muslim father and mother whose son was killed fighting for the U.S.

Instead, while that father was talking about his son with heartfelt passion, Fox "treated" its loyal viewers to films of ISIS fighters and commercials attacking Hillary over Benghazi.  And so the right wing missed one of the most touching (and teaching) moments of the Democratic convention (but, of course. The "Fair and Balanced" network is committed to carefully editing out truth and facts that might cause any doubts to arise in the brains of Trump supporters).

For any right wingers with minds that still have an open crack for truth to seep in, and who might want to see what they missed, you can go to this link and watch the video:  I'm sure some cognitive dissonance might have arisen in the minds of Fox viewers who happened to see retired Marine General John Allen speak out in a strong denouncement of Trump and a rousing support of Clinton.  But Fox was quick to tamp down that can't-be-allowed! dissonance by immediately presenting General Flynn, a rabid right winger (and one of the runner-ups in Trump's VP selection), to denounce Col. Allen. Unfortunately for Fox,  it's kind of like "whack-a-mole", as more and more high military brass and government leaders are coming out in support of Clinton. 

Megyn Kelly airs images of ISIS fighters while Muslim dad of slain US soldier speaks to DNC

Fox News host Megyn Kelly ignored a Muslim father speaking at the Democratic National Convention whose son was killed fighting for the U.S. and instead aired photos of ISIS fighters and commercials attacking Hillary Clinton over the terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

Speaking at the DNC on Thursday, Khizr Khan explained that his son was killed by a car bomb fighting in Iraq for the U.S. Armed Forces in 2004. Kahn also held up a copy of the U.S. Constitution and challenged GOP nominee Donald Trump to read it.

But viewers of Fox News only briefly saw Khan in a split screen without audio as Brit Hume and Kelly discussed Trump. Kelly then cut to a commercial blaming Hillary for the attacks in Benghazi while Kahn was visible in a split screen. After returning from commercial, viewers saw images of ISIS and a segment warning about the Islamic state.

As Media Matters noted, Kelly did find time at the end of her program to air several minutes of Katy Perry performing at the convention.