Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How many ways can the Trump campaign blame it all on someone else (preferably Hillary or Obama)?

Let's save the Republicans the time and energy to think up a proper right wing response to the debacle that is now occurring in Cleveland. Here are some excuses they can use about the plagiarism -- and that are actually BEing used by the Trump campaign right now on all networks, and certainly more to come on Fox):

It's all Hillary's fault.

It's all Obama's fault.

Nothing to see here -- move on.

We don't see any plagiarism here. Melania is a compassionate, caring woman who merely chose similar words to express her true feelings. Why, everyone uses words like this -- how can you say they were plagiarized?

How dare Michelle Obama give a speech in 2008 that she KNEW Melania Trump would want to give in 2016? Talk about plagiarism!  Michelle Obama stole that speech from Melania Trump and she should apologize immediately!!!!

It's just more Democratic tricks, engineered by them to make us look bad.  They sneaked into Melania's room and added those words into her speech without her knowledge.

Am sure many more excuses will be appearing in days to come to downplay Melania's plagiarism and all the other problems that will be occurring as the Republican Convention continues.  Stay tuned.....and pass the popcorn.