Monday, January 23, 2017

Press briefing today: Laugh of the day (with tears in our eyes)

Trump and his "team" seem to have no idea how insane they sound to the world of intelligent discerning people.  Their misleading gibberish is aimed at their poorly educated supporters, who, having been trained up by Fox/Faux Noise, are unable to discriminate between truth and lies--and continue in denial, even when truth is proven to them through videos of Trump and his minions blatantly lying in Trumpspeak.  In order to sustain the pretense of sanity in what they are saying, Trump's White House team take their own cadre' of supporters along with them wherever they go, so they can be sure of getting applause and cheers when Trumpzilla opens his mouth for the lies to pour out.

Spicer: "Sometimes we disagree with the facts"  (!!!!!!!!!!)

Press secretary says his intention is 'never to lie' (!!!!!!!!!!!)  He lost all credibility with the press, even before his official "first day"