Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Latest cult in Australia -- "Jesus" has returned

This A J guy looks a lot like David Koresh and claims to be the Messiah.  It's chilling that so many people think he is worth following.  This interview with him is from the Australian version of  "60 Minutes."  Watch it and see what you think!  Is this another Koresh or Jim Jones in the making?  Discrimination/discernment is SO important in the spiritual marketplace! Without it, seekers are like babes in the woods, at the mercy of every sociopath who comes along, declaring themselves to be Jesus, Krishna, or just "Enlightened" -- and there are so many of these imposters out there!  First things to look for:  If they want your money, encourage you to join their group, present themselves as "special," and they promise you satisfaction/fulfillment/enlightenment in some future time, run as fast as you can to the EXIT.  They are phonies.