Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Such an important topic -- such an important FRONTLINE!


I just watched Climate of Doubt on Frontline.  It should be watched by every American and taken to heart, but won't be.  And about half of those who do watch it will be among the naysayers who don't want change of any kind, any time, anywhere in their lives -- EVER--and will deny anything that smacks of change.  They would like to take us all back to the Dark Ages -- and they will probably succeed in accomplishing just that.  They call themselves the Tea Party, but I call them "the Stupids" and there are so many of them!  What can be done?  They will take us all down with them, with their dangerous ideology and Fear tactics that work so well when people are misinformed, disinformed, and not intelligent enough to understand facts based on proven research and investigation.  Instead of listening to the warnings of 98% of credentialed climatology scientists and their proven studies, the Stupids prefer to believe Fox News, the Koch brothers, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and the 2% of "scientists" funded by corporations who do not want Cap and Trade rules cutting into their profits.  These are the same scientists who still don't accept that second-hand smoke can be damaging to one's health.  

The Stupids live in their very own Bubble World and refuse to let in any factual information that they dislike the sound of.  They will take us
and our country and the world down because of their adamant stand against reasonThey are the puppets of the greed-driven corporate czars who, in order to continue lining their own pockets at the expense of the rest of us, have convinced them with lies that up is down and black is white.  For those who have ears to hear and intelligent reasoning powers, the Frontline documentary will ring loud and clear in the truth it presents.  The Stupids won't be able to hear it and they will yammer against it. They will continue to vote for the candidates who tell them what they want to hear -- and damn the facts, as the temperature of the world continues to rise because of human activity. They will continue to tell us that it's actually "Good" and the continuing increase in carbon dioxide is great for us and our trees.  That's the way the world is right now, ruled by a plutocracy that calls the shots and controls the minds of the Stupids.  Our children and grandchildren will pay a great price for the greed, ignorance and stupidity that is keeping us from addressing the most important issue of any time in Earth's history, which involves the sustainability of human life on this planet!

This is too important a topic to mince words.  I simply cannot hold back my judgment on this issue that will have such a great impact on the future of Earth's inhabitants.   I am not sending this to any of the Tea Party people on my e-mail list, who would take offense and, anyway, would not be able to respond in an intelligent way to its message.  I continue to pray for our planet and its people.