Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Confounding the Critics: Republican-style

This strategy has worked for the Republicans before -- why not again? Dispense with the issues -- and make it a conflict of personalities. Who would you rather have a beer with? got us Bush twice in a row (along with a lot of help from vote fraud). Painting Palin as an average soccer mom with Christian principles is going over big time with the fundamentalists. It will take a lot more "persuasion" to convince the press and the moderate voters that a former beauty queen with scant experience (except as a hunter and snowmobiler) should be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Left wing supporters of Obama/Biden will never be wooed away to a PALIN/McCain ticket. We have suffered ENOUGH! under the CHENEY/Bush reign. The following essay outlines the present Republican strategy in detail. Read it and be prepared for the disgusting campaign that is sure to follow.

The Culture War Option for the Palin Convention
by Jay Rosen