Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Obama to be interviewed tomorrow by Bill O'Reilly on FOX

Should be interesting... Here's an article from the Washington Post telling how it has come about. I'm sure that Obama, being the extremely intelligent man that he is, does not trust FOX News to keep its word about not assailing him in O'Reilly's all-too-familiar modus operandi. Of course he will be assailed, but I believe he will be very impressive in contrast to the spittle-laden invectives I expect will be spewed out by O'Reilly. I predict there will be more people tuned into O'Reilly's show tomorrow night than to the Republican convention.

As an aside regarding the convention, it was fascinating to see last night the sea of white faces in attendance there. You would never know by watching this convention that the U.S. is a multi-cultural, multi-racial country. What a contrast to the Dems' convention! This alone says so much about the difference in the parties. Which one do you think is "all-embracing" and really caring about the citizens of our country?