Thursday, March 13, 2008

From his alternate universe, Bush crows about "fabulous" 2008 Republican prospects

OMG! From a little corner of his puny mind, the Commander-in-Thief is making his predictions for Republican victory in 2008, a "fabulous" year--because "when the American people look at our ideals [and what we believe], they're with us."

If he were a normal man, you would call this "whistling past the graveyard" talk. But we all know he is decidedly NOT normal. This mental midget actually has convinced himself of this belief! When the world around him is lying in ruins, due to his incredible mismanagement and terrible decisions, and his fellow Republicans are tearing their hair out as they scream at him behind closed doors, this MORON is walking around telling us how excited he is and how he intends to "finish strong with my head held high." Alternate Universe, Upside Down Backwards World--come take him back! PLEASE!!!!