Monday, March 17, 2008


The most evil administration our country has ever known does not allow truth to get out to the people. The moment someone tries to shine a flashlight into the dark hole of government Bush and Cheney preside over, they send the hounds of hell after them. Thank god for Bill Moyers and Greg Palast and other true journalists like them -- so few in number these days -- who are valiantly researching and reporting on the sleazy underbelly that has been kept from us. Every time a whistleblower brings truth to us, Bush and Cheney try to silence them. Is this the way you want your government to work? Why isn't IMPEACHMENT being considered by Pelosi and Reid? Because of their do-nothing stance, they are two Democrats who should be jettisoned from Congress themselves.

If you want truth about your government, the following video is WELL WORTH WATCHING.

Bill Moyers Journal: Going after the whistleblowers

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It’s infuriating that the Bush administration has gone so far around the Constitution without any accountability from those who are charged with oversight, yet the few journalists and whistleblowers that have tried to shine a light on the actions of the Bush administration are fighting to not go to jail. (!!!) Case in point: James Risen, the reporter who broke the warrantless wiretapping story and who is now fighting to not go to jail after being subpoenaed to reveal his sources. Rick Karr looks at how the Bush administration has consistently sought to squelch journalists and whistleblowers like Risen, Sibel Edmonds, and even Talking Points Memo.

The entire episode (including an interview with Rep. Henry Waxman on government oversight) can be viewed online.

Transcripts below the fold.

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