Thursday, March 27, 2008

An "interesting" tour through a science museum -- short video

Now here's a rather different tour you can take with Creationists as they walk through a science museum with their children. Right wing fundamentalists are teaching a new generation of voters. These folks (half of the U.S. population!!!) are the voters who have given us Bush & Cheney. Watch the video, take the tour. Shake your head in wonderment. This video was presented on ABC's Nightline program. It's very educational, if not quite in the way the Creationists intended.

Personally, it would give me pause if I belonged to a political party with millions who think this way. You've just got to know these people are Republicans. They couldn't stretch their minds far enough to be Democrats. (Apologies to the few Republicans out there whose minds may be broad enough to actually believe in evolution. I don't think your president does.)