Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Land of the Free? Not anymore -- watch this outrageous video

It's good that someone took videos of these peace demonstrators in an Austin, Texas mall -- they are peaceful people, assembling peacefully, making no sound, harassing no one, just holding PEACE and anti-war signs -- BUT look at what the mall police did to them!  This is an outrageous stomping on the rights guaranteed us by our forefathers, but these are rights we no longer have.  They are written on paper -- but they mean nothing to the police state we now live in. People gathering peacefully in demonstration against war is no longer allowed.  If you assemble in this way, violent and brutal treatment by the police is sure to follow.  The same thing is happening to peaceful demonstrators all over our country.  In NY City and Davis, California, demonstrators have been viciously pepper sprayed, even though they were doing nothing but sitting on the ground.

This authoritarian strike against the rights of the public cannot be tolerated. A revolution of the people is in the making.  We cannot stand by and watch our right to peaceful assembly being taken away!  Write your representatives and senators -- and to the mayor of Austin, TX, calling their attention to this shameful event and demanding that such brutal police tactics stop immediately.  And to all Tea Party supporters who have been accusing the Occupy groups to be nothing but dirty hippies, take a look at these demonstrators.  They could be you (if you had a heart and compassion for others).  The Mayor of Austin address: 
Mayor Lee Leffingwell Office: City Hall 301 W. 2nd St. 2nd Floor Austin, Texas 78701 or send him an e-mail -- just go to: