Friday, December 16, 2011

Things the military are doing but are not telling about--publicly

Interesting video: 

I've met two of the remote viewers who worked in Army intelligence in a program based in Virginia.  They spoke at one of the conferences I attended over the years, revealing much about their work, so this documentary is not surprising to me.  Many may find General Stubblebine's interview in this short documentary to be intriguing...who would have believed that materialistic military realists (such as he might be surmised to be) would be not only open, but dedicated, to what some hard-headed types might call "airy-fairy" ideas?  Here's a look behind the scenes in the military, which most people have never been privy to.  For the curious who would like to probe more deeply into paranormal realms and the military's exploration of such, a great deal of information can be found online.  Military enthusiasts will find the simple but effective kung fu-type techniques for subduing the enemy to be of interest.