Sunday, December 11, 2011

Message I just sent to Austin, TX mayor

We ignore at our own peril this violent treatment of peaceful demonstrators. These people in their own uniquely creative way, were demonstrating for Peace in an Austin, TX mall, without harassment of anyone -- and not even speaking. Without warning, they were descended upon by a cadre of mall security police and were brutally treated, with one very small young woman viciously thrown to the ground and manhandled by a big bruiser 300 lb. guard and then arrested. If you have an interest in civil rights, you can write your own letter to Austin's mayor. The more he receives, the better -- at:

To Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Austin, TX:

Anti-war protesters tried to share their message peacefully,quietly, and in a rather creative way with Christmas shoppers in an Austin, Tx. shopping mall.

NO ONE was obstructed from continuing their busy shopping and the message was well received by shoppers all around, however, the message of peace during Christmas time was not welcome by mall security.

Not at all...

Watch this Video:

This obstruction of the rights of people to peacefully assemble (with a message of PEACE!) cannot be tolerated! As Mayor of your city, you need to be addressing this shameful event. The eyes of the country are on you -- and on all leaders of municipalities where the right of peaceful assembly is being denied to the public. We are guaranteed Freedom of Speech by our Bill of Rights in the Constitution, yet in these first years of the 21st century, we are being denied this basic human right.

Watch the video of what happened at the mall in your city, and see how the rights of the people were brutally violated.

This has brought shame on your city! If you tolerate this kind of treatment of demonstrators, it says a great deal about you and your values.