Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sirhan Sirhan was a patsy -- not guilty of killing RFK

Finally, lawyers for Sirhan have put together a case that should free him -- (but, of course, it won't, because it would open a can of worms, pointing at CIA agents, no doubt the real killers of Bobby Kennedy -- as they were of his brother, Jack).  The powers-that-be in our world did not want the Kennedys anywhere near seats of power because of the policies they wanted to institute. Jack wanted to end the Vietnam War--but that was not going to be allowed. Bobby was going to make radical changes if he were elected as President, and he knew who really killed his brother.  There was no way he was going to be allowed to sit in the White House and think he could actually have power to get information to the people about his brother's real killers -- or to change things for the better in our country.  (Note that Obama is not allowed to do that, either, even though his campaign slogan was Change You Can Count On. [yeah...right].  Some things never change in dirty, filthy politics. We do not live in the country that the Pledge of Allegiance would have us believe it is.  WAKE UP, Americans! Get curious for Truth!)

 Read the book JFK: The Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why it Matters for truth about the JFK assassination.  And, if you're interested in more truth about Bobby Kennedy's assassination, there is plenty of information online about that, including the fact that several bullet holes were found in the hotel kitchen's door casings, the ceiling, etc. -- but the evidence was destroyed/"lost" by the LA police dept.  There is no doubt that many more bullets were fired than could possibly have been fired by Sirhan. Plus, the bullet that killed RFK was fired from behind him at point blank range, while Sirhan was never that close to him--and stood in front of RFK.  It is surmised that Sirhan was hypnotized, and was a "Manchurian candidate" patsy. It's tragic that We, the People have been fooled in so many ways for so many years, but some of us are beginning to wake up.  Unfortunately, not enough of us.  Yet.

Tea Party types still have blinders on--and actually vote against their own interests.  They follow like sheep the Rush Limbaughs and Fox News of their world and vote the way they are told. They are constantly being sold a bill of goods by the wealthy elite, but don't realize it.  Thomas Frank, the author of What's the Matter with Kansas,
rightly says that right-wing politics has become a vehicle for channeling popular anger against what Republicans call "intellectual snobs." (Remind you of Nazi Germany, anyone? Remember the burning of the books and the killing of the professors?)  Tea Party Republicans don't revere intelligence, but would rather elect someone with whom they could enjoy a beer at the local bar. The result is that many of America's poorest citizens have a deep emotional attachment to a party that serves the interests of its richest.

Frank says that whatever disadvantaged Americans think they are voting for, they get something quite different:  "You vote to strike a blow against elitism and you receive a social order in which wealth is more concentrated than ever before in our life times, workers have been stripped of power, and CEOs are rewarded in a manner that is beyond imagining.  It's like a French Revolution in reverse in which the workers come pouring down the street screaming more power to the aristocracy." SO VERY TRUE in our time!