Monday, November 08, 2010

Bush's book -- as reported by Andy Borowitz

Ya' gotta' LOVE it! (~.~)  (Actually I was hoping it would have pictures we could color, with crayons attached)

Bush Publishes ‘I Can Has Prezidensy’

Advance Look at Former President’s Memoir

The Borowitz Report has obtained an advance copy of former President George W. Bush’s memoir, entitled I Can Has Prezidensy.  Here are some highlights:

-- The book contains a “Where’s Waldo?” foldout section with WMDs.

-- Bush says the biggest disappointment of his eight years in office was learning there was no Santa Claus

-- The book’s appendix includes a series of connect-the-dot drawings Bush was unable to complete

-- Bush on the unfinished business of his Presidency: “I never did learn how that neat story about the goat ended.”

-- Bush’s memoir is a quick read, since 95% of it has been redacted by Dick Cheney

-- Six months after the book’s publication there will be an English-language version