Monday, December 15, 2008

A great column: Tales from the Planet Bizarre
and some good readers' comments, too!  Here's one reader's comment that is particularly apt, regarding Bush:

Extreme pathological liars

Extreme pathological liars seem to have no real connected awareness of the suffering of others, and so they feel no remorse or sense of tragedy over others' misfortunes, though they may 'act it'. As leaders they are especially bad since they strengthen and pass on these characteristics to their followers. This is obvious as you view Amerika, with all its megalomania, pretentiousness, chicanery and feigned emotions today.

Pathological liars do sometimes suffer themselves, though. They suffer from the inner insecurity caused by failing to meet their own ideological standards. From what I understand, Hitler was pretty much a physical wreck by the time of his suicide. On the other hand, certain of these types never suffer and seem to live and die at peace with themselves. So, maybe if the war had gone well for Hitler he would have lived to be 95...

Who knows what the future holds for Bush? I guess that depends on how many of us choose to remain his followers.

Read original column, Tales from the Planet Bizarre (I call it Bizarro myself), Episode 473: Still Lying, Still Allowed to Lie by David Michael Green, a professor of political science at Hofstra University in New York.