Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bill's list of donors revealed

Look for more trouble at Hillary's confirmation hearings now that this list has been revealed. No wonder Bill was joined at the hip with George Bush, Sr. these past 8 years, traveling the world with Poppy! Poppy was making sure Bill would be saturated with big bucks from Poppy's best friends, the Saudis. Now you've got to wonder what did Bill promise Poppy (and the Saudis) in return? What connections underlie both of them? Who really runs things in our world? Good questions to ask. I would bet most people never ask them or even think about them...which is why we have been saddled with Bush & Cheney for the last 8 years. And, with Obama's choice of Hillary as Sec. of State (and fundamentalist Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration), you can see the long-armed tentacles of the real rulers of our country/world still pulling the strings behind the scenes.