Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Intelligence Does Count!

Obama's Team of Brainiacs

From "Open Left"

One "change" we're seeing in the newly forming administration is the return of expertise and a respect for academic accomplishment. George Bush loved to brag about being a C student. Somehow I don't think that approach will continue in the Obama White House. And while good leadership doesn't require an advanced degree, it doesn't hurt to have some expertise. I put together this comparison of Bush's original team and Obama's so far (source: Wikipedia). I've bolded those with more education.

Position Bush 2001 Team Obama 2009 Team
POTUS George Bush: MBA Harvard Barack Obama: JD Harvard
VP Dick Cheney: MA Poli Sci Wyoming Joe Biden: JD Syracuse
Sec. State Colin Powell:MBA GWU Hillary Clinton: JD Yale
Sec. Defense Donald Rumsfeld: AB Princeton Robert Gates: Ph.D. Georgetown
Att.General John Ashcroft: JD Chicago Eric Holder: JD Columbia
Sec.Treasury Paul O'Neill: Master of Public Adm. Indiana Tim Geithner: MA John Hopkins
Homeland Security Tom Ridge: JD Dickinson Janet Napolitano: JD Virginia
UN Ambassador John Negroponte: BA Yale Susan Rice: Ph.D. Oxford
Sec.Commerce Donald Evans:MBA Texas Bill Richardson: MA Int.Affairs Tufts
NSA Condoleezza Rice: Ph.D. Denver James Jones: BS Georgetown
Chief of Staff Andrew Card: BS Engineering S.Carolina Rahm Emanuel: MA Speech and Comm. Northwestern

Again, having a degree doesn't guarantee anything. Afterall, Michael "Brownie" Brown, former FEMA head, has a JD. But after 8 years of a crew with questionable competence in their designated roles and an administration often strongly anti-science, it will be nice to see some experts back in charge.