Tuesday, October 04, 2011

27 Secret Atheists in Congress -- A step forward in evolution


Being an atheist doesn't mean one doesn't believe in a supreme power of some kind. Although I can't speak for the beliefs of these 27 Congresspeople, I am assuming they don't believe in an anthropomorphic God with a long white beard who sits on a heavenly throne and either smites or smiles, depending on the mood he is in. I take this revelation of atheists in our political midst as a good thing, as it indicates a growing beyond the childish belief system that has permeated Christianity and other religions for so long on this planet. However, if these self-proclaimed atheists are of the type who think there is no order to our existence -- or that the planet and its occupants are just a cosmic accident, I think they are just as mistaken as the fundamentalist Christians.

Unfortunately, the overall consciousness level of Earth humans at this time is very low, as proven by the greed, power lust, hatred, and wars that permeate this planet, making life miserable for most, while just a few rejoice in their having been "smart" enough to take advantage of the rest of us. As they line their pockets with ill-gotten wealth, acquired through illegal subterfuge and criminal acts, the "killers in high places" (spoken of in Leonard Cohen's song Anthem) congratulate themselves for their icy, conscienceless behavior that keeps them on the "top of the pile." They have not taken into account that there is a karmic justice operating in this world appearance -- in which every "jot and tittle" has been recorded. The rewards and punishments that in the Bible are attributed to the Jehovah figure to mete out, are actually being carried out in a cosmic way, whereby one is judged by oneself. When all is said and done, and you come to the end of your life, a life review takes place in which you will experience each and every thought and action that you put forth in life -- and how those thoughts and actions affected others. If you have lessons to learn in compassion and empathy, you will be reincarnated over and over until you learn them--and act accordingly, with compassion and love, in earth life. Life experiences will teach you. Those experiences will be in perfect accord with what you need to learn. For instance, if you have been a racist in one life, with a hatred of blacks, enjoying great wealth yourself, while denying black people the human rights and necessities you so readily accord to whites, you may be born a black in your next life, in poverty-stricken conditions. Perfect justice is carried out, with rewards and punishments delivered for even the smallest, seemingly most inconsequential actions of our lives. Every act has its consequences.

I hope the atheists in our government's halls who have graduated past the childish ideas of a rewarding/punishing father in heaven, at least have an understanding of karma, which is operating in divine order in the universe. The Cheneys and Rumsfelds and Bushes (the stream of these killers in high places is endless), who are congratulating themselves these days, will definitely have a day of reckoning.