Wednesday, June 21, 2017

In news today: More proof that JFK was killed by assassins from the front, not by Oswald

Most of us who never believed the "official" report knew this almost from the start.  Many of the doctors who worked on Kennedy described two entrance wounds in the front, with one bullet blowing out a huge hole in the back of his head. Which means the bullets came from the grassy knoll, not from the schoolbook depository where Oswald worked.  But you'd never know this from the "official" story sold to the world  by the investigation committee. They even doctored the "official" autopsy photos to appear that the back of Kennedy's head was intact, with every hair in place. 

Don't you wonder who really killed him?  And why? This makes all the so-called "conspiracy" stories begin to sound worthy of more investigation by authorities, doesn't it? You'd think the government would want a truthful answer for history.  Yeah, right.  Don't hold  your breath waiting for that to happen.  Lee Harvey Oswald was the patsy whose name will never be cleared.