Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Democrats are trying to save health care for Trump voters who will lose it with GOP bill

But don't expect any gratitude from the right wing voters who supported Trump.  It is encouraging, though, that a few of them are beginning to wake up and cry, "Uh-oh--what have I done to myself and my family?" in consternation at the faux health care bill proposed by the GOP.  These late-to-realize voters are catching on that the bill is actually meant to bring a tax boon for the ultra-rich, on the backs of the middle class, poor, elderly and disabled who will lose health coverage altogether. 

But most Trump voters, loyal to the very end, are still cheering for their dear leader, unwilling or unable to understand what that "dear leader" and the Republican party are doing to them and their families by cutting off health care to 22 million of them.  These poor deluded people don't realize what their foolishly cast votes for Trump are leading them to -- more poverty, more illness and even possibly death because they won't be able to get or afford health care.

And so it goes in this land of ours...where Republican voters, often poorly educated, so often vote against their own interests....Sigh.  Read (at the link below) all about the latest ploy made out of desperation by Mitch McConnell: a postponement of the vote for this dastardly bill that even Trump himself, the White House-occupying Idiot, calls "mean."  Wait till the GOP senators get to their home territory and hold town hall meetings (if they dare).  I doubt very much that this bill will be passed once their constituents crowd the halls screaming at them -- voicing their intentions to vote for Democrats in the 2018 mid-term elections.