Monday, June 05, 2017

Former Kushner employee dishes on Trump's racist con game with conservatives

TRUTH COMING OUT FROM THOSE IN THE KNOW (but it won't be believed by Trump voters who can't admit their own motives and must maintain complete trust in their "dear leader")


If you've ever wondered whether Donald Trump truly believed the racist "birther" lie that he spent years hurling at President Obama, you may not have to wonder any longer. A former employee of Jared Kushner is now dishing on what Kushner told her about Trump's true motive behind the lie, and what Trump really thinks of the people he conned into voting for him.

Elizabeth Spiers was the editor of the New York Observer at a time when Kushner was running it. She now claims that Jared Kushner told her years ago that Donald Trump never believed the birther nonsense, and that he only touted it because – in Kushner's words – "Republicans are stupid and they'll buy it." (source: GQ). If you're not the kind of person who falls for that kind of lie, then you probably already knew this. But it's still stunning to hear someone from within the Trump-Kushner inner circle confirm it.

Trump was right, of course. Conservatism is a carefully crafted set of convenient excuses aimed at allowing people to blame others for their own faults and failures. Racism is one of those core tenets. Why should a failure of a white person admit that he simply blew it in life, when he can instead choose to believe the lie that some other demographic of people somehow robbed him of the life he should have had?

So it was easy for Donald Trump to play on the inherent (conscious or subconscious) racism of white conservative Americans by giving them an excuse to discount the fact that the first black President was smarter and classier than they were. If they could believe that he was secretly born in Kenya, and that he was somehow some kind of invention or fraud, then they could discount the entirety of his existence. Trump made white conservative losers feel superior to Barack Obama, and it made them deeply indebted to Trump. But now we have confirmation that Trump himself never believed the racist lie that he spent all those years feeding those losers.