Monday, June 12, 2017

Who could ever believe a concert featuring a song to God would be so popular?

Famous Indian performer A.R. Rahman sang a Muslim song to God at a world-tour concert audience in Sydney in 2010, stirring love in the hearts of the audience. It is heart-warming to see even little children cheer and get up dancing and singing to a devotional song (see English translation of some of the lyrics below).  The fact that people of all faiths attend Rahman's concerts and relate to this music is heart-touching proof that we all are One Heart/Being, no matter what labels men's minds may try to use for separation and division. The soul recognizes divinity in music when it hears it, even if sung in a different language than one's own. I believe people of all faiths are also stirred by songs like Amazing Grace or Holy Mother (sung by Pavarotti and Eric Clapton, see below) when sung in English, even if they are of other cultures and languages.  I think most people would agree we need more moments of coming together like this in our world.

Watch the video for yourself.  Even without understanding what the words mean, it would take a very hardened heart not to be stirred by the song, the singers and the audience's enthusiastic appreciation for the divine music being presented in this concert. (~.~)

A visibly stirring presentation of this same song appeared in the Indian epic film Jodhaa Akbar. You can see the song being sung and danced by Sufis in this excerpt from the film:

Khwaja Mere Khwaja-Jodhaa Akbar - YouTube

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Oct 15, 2009 - Uploaded by Sahana Sharma
Song-Khwaja Mere Khwaja/Movie-Jodhaa Akbar/Cast-Hrithik Roshan,Aishwarya Rai. ... my fvrt song ...


Pavarotti & Clapton Holy Mother For War Child 1996 - YouTube

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Jun 6, 2009 - Uploaded by gkoriel
In this benefit concert for Bosnia in 1996, Eric Clapton performed a song he wrote for the Blessed Mother ...

Khwaja My Khwaja Lyrics

Noble Khwaja, Khwaja
Noble Khwaja, Khwaja, Noble Khwaja
O Benefactor of the Poor
Khwaja my Khwaja
Fill my heart
You are the King of Kings...
Khwaja my khwaja
It is in your court, Khwaja
That I have seen light
It is in your court, Khwaja
That even the saints bow...
Khwaja my Khwaja
Fill my heart
You are the King of Kings...
O Noble Khwaja
You have saved me from all miseries
I am imbibed with the wine of your love...
Your feet are my guides, it is unthinkable to leave them

Khwaja my Khwaja
Fill my heart
You have undertaken the fate of the helpless
Khwaja my Khwaja
Fill my heart
You are the King of Kings