Monday, June 26, 2017

My musings about the latest Trump news

I was watching Fox news this morning to see what their take is on the much-despised Senate GOP health care bill. It's very interesting that they are now floating the idea to their cult-member viewers that maybe it would be a "good" thing to not pass the abominable Senate creation (since it's looking more and more like they can't get the necessary votes for this horrible beast of a bill). That way (they say), if Obama Care remains, the Democrats will own the health care problem. So, how can they explain this 360 degree turnabout to their loyal "base" that has been sold on the promise of "Repeal and Replace Obama Care!" for so many years?

Well, this is how it appears: on instructions from on high, the GOP is dictating a new way of looking at the immanent defeat of their EIGHT-year promised solution for health care in the U.S. (the premise of which, as it turns out, is to take and away and deny health care to millions of poor and elderly Americans while giving huge tax breaks to the extremely wealthy).  

Republicans had EIGHT LONG YEARS of GRIPING, COMPLAINING, OBSTRUCTING and PROMISING their plan would be MUCH better than Obama Care if only they had the chance.
Well, they finally got the chance and have proven they were TOTALLY UNPREPARED for it.  This heartless monstrosity of TrumpCare is what they came up with at the last minute, since they never had a plan at all.  It seems they are great at obstructing and terrible at governing (just as we knew all along).

But, despite the disappointment of the Trump supporters at this latest strategic reversal from their Dear Leader, we can be sure that, obliviously-as-always, they will dutifully carry on, waving their flags at Trump rallies (those rallies the Donald regularly needs in order to continue feeling love and appreciation from his foolish followers for the dastardly job he is doing at tearing down the country).  They will sit there on the bleachers, chewing and snapping their gum, happily displaying in the air the "Make America Great" placards they've been given, while shouting and clapping furiously on command by their Dear Leader.  Poor fools. Always voting against their own interests. Never realizing the cold-hearted disdain the Dear Leader really has for them.  As one writer has truthfully remarked, "Trump would never allow any one of them inside Mar-a-Lago."  

And so the world turns...Sean Hannity speaks with Trump daily, getting instructions for new lies to deliver on his Fox "news" show to the deluded faithful.  It seems from his last show that the new instructions are to plant the idea that "even IF Trump DID collude with the Russians re. hacking into the DNC e-mails, it was for the good of the American people."  Must be Trump knows something is coming down the pike that proves he and his tribe did collude with the Russians.  Even Putin seems to know something is up and has pulled Kislyak back to Russia, away from Trump.  Looks like the Russians have given up on getting any removal of sanctions -- or anything else from the Trumpster and are going to let him fend for himself from now on.  

Oh yes, Jared and Ivanka are having their troubles, too, with the revelation about the HUGE multi-million loans from Deutsche Bank that they were given in order to shore up their bad investments. It looks like some money laundering was going on there, too.  Dum de DUM dum....

Stay tuned for the next episode and have plenty of popcorn ready....the outcome of this Trump reality show is going to be a Doozy!