Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oops! Fordham U. Republicans cancel Ann Coulter's speech -- they "didn't research her"

I guess they just didn't realize she was that Ann Coulter.  (~.~)

After a harsh admonishment from the college President, and a loud outcry from the student body, college Republicans at Fordham University decided it would be a good idea to cancel a scheduled appearance by Ann Coulter on December 6. In explaining this change of heart just 24 hours after announcing the speaking engagement, they stated that they failed to do their research.

"Looking at the concerns raised about Ms. Coulter, many of them reasonable, we have determined that some of her comments do not represent the ideals of the College Republicans and are inconsistent with both our organization's mission and the University's. We regret that we failed to thoroughly research her before announcing; that is our error and we do not excuse ourselves for it."