Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Uh Oh: More on Hillary's staffer's missing e-mails



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The NSA collects everything - 
and everything is known about 
Hillary Clinton's online activities by persons 
who have the clearances at NSA 
to know.

The same FBI unit which gathered 
the evidence that led to the 
conviction of former DCI, David 
Petraeus is working on Hillary's 
case. If they're unable to bring a 
case against Hillary, there's a 
possibility that she's corrupted 
everyone and anyone who can 
harm her, either through 
blackmail or bribery.

Recently, Washington Post 
Columnist, Charles Krauthammer 
opined that he had no doubt at 
least some of the 30K+ emails 
Hillary deleted from her private 
email server had references to the 
Clinton Foundation, which would 
reveal illegal activities and having 
a conflict of interest.

This is a brief summary of how 
the Clinton Foundation works as 
a tax free international money 
laundering operation. 

1. It's a separate foreign "charity". 
The Clinton Foundation was set up 
in Canada.

2. Foreign governments and oligarchs 
send donations to this Canadian 
charity. Hundreds of leaders have 
thus far contributed several hundreds 
of millions.

3. The Canadian charity bundled up 
these separate donations and has 
made massive donations to the 
Clinton Foundation.

4. The Clinton Foundation and the 
cooperating Canadian charity claim 
Canadian law prohibits the
identification of individual donors.

5. The Clinton Foundation then 
spends some of its money for 
legitimate good works programs. 
Unfortunately, experts believe this 
is on the order of 10%. Much of the 
balance goes to pay the Clintons, 
as well as a vast number of their 
hangers-on, to fund lavish travel, 

6.  The Clinton Foundation, with 
access to the world's best 
accountants has somehow failed to 
report much of this on their tax 
filings. They've discovered these 
"clerical errors" and have begun 
refiling 5 years of tax returns.

7. Net result - foreign money goes 
into the Clinton's pockets tax free 
and untraceable back to the original 
donor. This is called money 

8. Why did these foreign interests 
funnel money through a Canadian 
charity? Why not directly to the 
Clinton Foundation or directly to the 
people, organizations and countries 
in need?

Hillary's destruction of 30,000+ 
emails was a risk she was willing to 
take, because her Foundation's 
income is so massive.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin is currently 
debating on whether to release the 
20,000 emails that they hacked 
from her unsecured email account...