Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trump and Clinton Now Neck-and-neck In the Polls

I just received an e-mail from a Republican voter who didn't like Trump at first but who now supports him. This voter is indicative of the way many Republicans are heading with their votes for President. Unfortunately, they are not aware or thinking of the terrible repercussions of a Trump presidency. I had hopes that at least the evangelicals would hold out against him, but even they are throwing away their religious scruples and getting in line behind him.  As helpless as many of us feel in watching the Pied Piper demagogue lead his duped, cheering followers proudly down Main Street, I do believe there are still some thinking/aware Republicans who will not be able to cast their votes for Trump.

I think that the more thoughtful/aware people see of Trump, the more they will realize how dangerous he is. With his constantly shifting positions on every issue, you never know where he stands on anything. Voting for him is like playing Russian roulette with 2 or 3 bullets in the revolver chamber.

As much as I don't like Hillary Clinton, I know where she stands on the issues. I know she will be a President like others who have gone before her, in bed with Wall Street and the corporate sphere and chomping at the bit to take us into more wars, so the pockets of the one percent can be lined with even more gold.  But I also know, because of Bernie Sanders, she has been forced to go to the compassionate side on some issues involving the middle class and poor.  And her feet will be held to the fire by Sanders supporters and thinking Republicans who are aware the middle class is dying.

As the middle class goes, so goes the nation. As this nation goes, so goes the world. I can't understand why this isn't obvious to middle-class Republicans. As Trump has so triumphantly stated, "I love the poorly educated!"  As well he should. They are now proving they make up a large part of the GOP.

It's clear to anyone with half a brain that Donald Trump would not be the middle class's advocate in anything. The man is a narcissist of the worst kind...with sociopathic tendencies. Take a look at the pompous ass Mussolini in his heyday. Then mix in some aggressive madman Hitler and Napoleon. That is what we would have if Trump gets into the White House, taking personal umbrage at every negative comment about himself and swiveling erratically, every-which-way, like a loose cannon.

I am praying that clearer heads prevail by the time November rolls around and all eligible voters enter the voting booth. Hopefully, the GOP won't have been able to disenfranchise many more in their frantic attempt to reduce all votes that would work against them. They've already gerrymandered districts across the country to their advantage, and denied votes to millions in every obstructionist way they can think of.

Is this really the party we want in control of our lives, our country and the world, with Donald Demagogue Drumpf at the helm?

Please say No.