Tuesday, May 10, 2016

More tommyrot from the major media on UFOs, pretending to be informative


This article is what the establishment calls "revelatory." Stephen Colbert might call it "newsiness" or "truthiness." Heaven help us. Well, at least they aren't denying UFOs completely.  That's the best we can hope for at this time, I guess.  So sad that this planet is in such a low consciousness place overall that  real facts can't be told (except for Bob Dean and the hundreds of other military people who are trying to tell the public what is really going on).  I think Bob Dean is allowed to tell his story (as with the others--so many of them, including astronauts!) without being arrested for disobeying their Top Secret oaths, because these guys are serving a purpose in getting the public used to hearing about UFOs, aliens, etc.--just as Steven Spielberg has been doing over the years with his films like ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind

This new guy on the block, Christopher Mellon, in this latest article is probably part of that, too but, as usual, the info. is so lame as to be laughable for anyone at all familiar with the truth.  From what he says, he is either a very dumb uncurious blockhead or is being kept on a short leash by the military/government even as he admits/reveals a little bit of the story the masses are not allowed to hear in toto -- what Bob Dean calls "The Greatest Story Never Told."  I often wonder if I will live long enough to hear the full truth come out to the public who are being dumbed down in every way and made to believe that everyone who tries to tell the truth is a "conspiracy theorist."  Give me a break! 

For real truth on the subject, following is an e-mail I sent out last week.  In case you were one of the people to receive it, but haven't yet watched the video of Bob Dean telling the true story, you might want to view it and contrast what he says in the link below, with what Christopher Mellon is putting out in the pablum article from Huffington Post (link above).  Of course, it goes without saying that this is only for the curious who honestly care about hearing truth.  If you're satisfied with the pap delivered by Huffington Post and the disdainful major media, you can just skip the following.


This talk was given at a conference in the UK.

Bob Dean is a man who spent most of his adult life in the military, several years of it being spent as a Command Sgt. Major at SHAPE Headquarters in Paris under General Lyman Lymnitzer.  What Bob learned during that time has shaped his life since then, in ways he would never have imagined.  This talk in the UK tells all about it.  I believe it will be, hands down, the Most Interesting talk you have ever heard, and you will never be able to forget it. 

As you watch this talk, you will see right from the beginning the kind of man Bob Dean is.  I have met him at several seminars and can tell you from my own experience in talking with him that his character is sterling all the way through. He is humble, kind, extremely intelligent and one of the most sincere people I have ever met.  He is an exceptional man with a story to tell that will knock the socks off your past beliefs of the world and our origins.  As Bob says, what he has learned has taken away his fear of death -- and if that is all one takes away from his talk, that is assuredly a very great thing.  But there is so much more!

If you have any curiosity at all, you will want to view this talk to see for yourself what this man has to say.  He had a Cosmic Top Secret clearance in the military and admits in the talk that he is breaking large parts of that oath in telling what he has learned. But he considers it his essential duty to do so, as he believes that the people of this world have a right to know what is being kept from us.

Please watch the video and then form your own opinions about Bob Dean and what he is communicating. Whether or not you choose to believe what he says, I assure you you will not be able to forget his words, and I think you won't be able to doubt his sincerity.  Bob has met many important people in his life, including astronauts and highly placed military and government leaders who have have had their own experiences and know that he speaks the truth. Many of them have verified it in their own revelations to the public.  In this talk, Bob tells all about it.  If you choose to click on the following link, I promise you a fascinating adventure in consciousness that will go beyond anything you've ever experienced up to this time.


If you find this video interesting and want to know more, there are several other links online of Bob's talks given at other seminars over the years from 1991 to 2014.  Bob is now 87 years old and it is likely he will not be giving any more talks in public. But what he has shared in the many talks he has given over the years is his legacy to us. God bless him for all he has shared and for taking the giant risks that it cost him to do so.  I am grateful to have met this man of great integrity who never sought fame or fortune (and in fact dodged it for many years) but who just wanted to get the truth out to the people.