Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The secret world of J. Edgar Hoover

J. Edgar Hoover was an insidious man who ruled the FBI with an iron fist for almost 50 years. His hatred extended to everyone, while his hypocrisy knew no match. He condemned homosexuals while being one, and he compiled blackmailing dossiers of vengeance against all whom he considered to be his enemies (anyone of liberal persuasion). He hated Martin Luther King with racist vehemence and yet he himself had African-American ancestry.

One could go on and on about this loathsome man's treachery against King, the Kennedys and innumerable others (even Nixon, another duplicitous man with whom he presumably had an alliance of sorts) during his reign of terror in our country.  I believe Donald Trump to be cut from the same cloth. This country had to endure  5 decades of a venomous, devious man in a seat of great power.  Do we really want another one of that same ilk, and this time in the Presidency itself????  Don't we deserve better than this???  Contrast Bernie Sanders, a man of great integrity and honesty, with Donald Trump.  It's light vs. dark.  Read/view the following to learn of what living under "dark" is like:

Video: (50 min):
Secrets of J. Edgar Hoover

Welcome to the bizarre world 
of J. Edgar Hoover, the director 
of the Federal Bureau of 
Investigation from 1924 until 
his death in 1972. Rumors of 
Hoover's homosexuality and 
cross-dressing were rampant 
but suppressed during his 

One well-known story is how 
Mob-friendly lawyer, Roy Cohn 
possessed a photograph of 
Hoover in drag, which he used 
to blackmail the FBI director 
into denying the existence of 
the Mafia. 

As well as himself being a deeply-
closeted homosexual, like Hoover, 
the late Cohn was for years counsel 
to Donald J. Trump and previously 
to Senator Joe McCarthy.

One of Hoover's lesser-known 
secrets is that he was part African-
American, although writer Gore Vidal, 
who grew up in Washington DC 
during the 1930s claims that it was 
known in his family and around the 
city that Hoover was a mulatto, 
whose family "passed for white".

These were the kinds of secrets 
Hoover kept (or tried to keep) about 
himself and which he obtained about 
others to wield power, as the founder 
of the FBI, over which he presided for 
nearly 50 years.

Millie McGhee, was a 10 year old 
black girl, growing up in rural 
Mississippi in the late 1950s when she 
was told by her grandfather that 
Hoover was his second cousin. She 
was able to confirm this, after years 
of research.

McGhee made this film after the 
release of Clint Eastwood's film, 
'J. Edgar' in 2011, because that film 
failed to explore this side of Hoover's 
story - which is significant, given his 
obsession with destroying black 
leaders and what was likely Hoover's 
direct involvement in the assassination 
of Martin Luther King, Jr.