Monday, May 16, 2016

MOST IMPORTANT - A highly authorized project, sanctioned by top government, has now begun on Earth

Please listen to this American Freedom Radio program, revealing must-hear, need-to-know information from concerned people at high levels of government, dedicated to giving the public the truth about UFOs and covert black ops programs:

The project discussed on this program can dramatically change our world and has the support of high government officials who are now fighting back at the military/industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about in 1961. Please listen to this American Freedom Radio show hosted by Dr. Carol Rosin, who worked directly with Dr. Werner von Braun and is a highly credentialed whistle blower herself.  This is not a conspiracy theory. This is real. I can't stress that strongly enough!  It is being sanctioned by people in very high government positions (one of which is the present Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff!) who are encouraging and authorizing anyone involved in secret, covert black operations projects (military, government or corporate) to come forth, and reveal what they know, as whistle blowers, without penalty for violating their top secrecy oaths

Every agency in the U.S. government has now been sent a UNOD (Unless Otherwise Directed) letter, stating that disclosure will now be freely taking place regarding all covert black operations conducted by the military/industrial complex, which have heretofore been kept secret from the public and from the legitimate government itself. None of the agencies to whom the UNOD letter was sent has protested and said, "No, don't do it!" Top government officials are behind this program of disclosure.

The legitimate U.S. government is on board now to uncover and make known to the public what we (and our government, including the highest members of it) have been excluded from knowing since the early 1950s.  This includes every kind of manipulation and control from behind the scenes initiated by secret agencies of a subterranean government (UFO secrets, physical and psychological experimentation, mind manipulation, etc.), which have been kept secret from anyone without a black ops-sanctioned "need to know" -- including even Presidents and heads of the CIA, NSA, and other top level departments of the government. These high-up positions, at the top of our government, are now publicly authorizing those who are a part of the covert programs to come forward with information, promising that they can do it without risk and will be exonerated forever from penalty, because the operations they would be disclosing are themselves illegal and unconstitutional.

This was announced publicly last Friday on American Free Radio by Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Carol Rosin, both of whom are connected with high government officials and who are both involved in the Disclosure Project, first introduced in early 2001, when many credentialed military and government people revealed top secret information at a national Press Conference in Washington, D.C. (See and for more information). 

This signals a new paradigm beginning on this planet, setting a foundation for a deeper spirituality, addressing consciousness itself--the awareness and connection of all beings.  We are changing as a species, coming to the realization of our oneness.  Quantum physics is revealing that the conscious mind is a singular field, with refractions shining in every person.  The essence of awareness is One, and we are now meant to understand this.  

Free energy, such as was developed by Nikola Tesla, can be made available to this world (this energy already exists), which will change this planet and its people and allow the planet to renew itself.  The real power for change lies with the people who can now bring out the truth about the technology/energy power that is already known but has been prevented from being put into use all over the planet. Imagine how implementation of free energy would allow self-sufficiency to all people across the planet. We're talking about retooling the planet, taking it off dependency of oil, coal, nuclear power, etc.  It will cause mammoth planetary changes in every way (which is why the greed-driven corporate and war-driven military interests have prevented it till now).

Big money is being poured into this project now from high sources who are horrified at the descending direction the planet is heading and at the so-called "leaders" who are taking us in the wrong direction (i.e., Trump, Clinton).  These high sources want to see a new vision for the planet and its people.  They are strongly encouraging the whistleblowers to come out in exposure of the forces that are psychologically manipulating us with disinformation.  As Laurance Rockefeller* (one of the rare one percenters who, before his death, staunchly supported the Disclosure Project) said to Dr. Greer about the global availability of free energy, "No aspect of life on earth will remain unchanged."  (Which, of course, is why the major oil and energy corporations and the Cheney-like "dark forces" are against it!)

Change only happens when the people become more aware and lead the way.  History has proven this time and again, with the women's rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King, acceptance of gays and transgenders, etc.  With encouragement from some of the highest positions in our government, now is the time for us to create this kind of change on a more cosmic level.  As we raise our consciousness to a higher level, we need the courage of our convictions.  Just listen to the conversation between Dr. Carol Rosin and Dr. Greer on this program and let yourself become inspired to make the necessary planetary changes that our children and grandchildren will benefit from.  We don't want a disclosure that serves the secret organizations, making us think we need to arm ourselves against a "Star Wars" alien enemy. (This is the kind that appears to be on the way via John Podesta/Clinton, etc.)  We need a disclosure of real truth, which can only come with whistle blowers stepping out of the war-creating dark corporations, telling what they know.

We are transitioning from earthbound ideas to a broader cosmic view, with self-sustainable life on Earth not only a possibility but a foregone conclusion, based on new energy information.  It is time to wake up and join forces with the courageous people leading us to a new paradigm for Earth.  Listen to the program and decide for yourself if you want to align yourself with it, and then consider: what is your alternative? 

Please pass this message along to others. If we are to survive as a species, everyone on earth needs to be informed of the new direction for our planet, and for ourselves.


In later life, Rockefeller became interested in UFOs. In 1993, along with his niece, Anne Bartley, the then-president of the Rockefeller Family Fund, he established the UFO Disclosure Initiative to the Clinton White House. They asked for all UFO information held by the government, including from the CIA and the US Air Force, to be declassified and released to the public. The first and most important test case where declassification had to apply, according to Rockefeller, was the Roswell UFO incident. In September 1994, the Air Force categorically denied the incident was UFO-related. Rockefeller briefed Clinton on the results of his initiative in 1995. Clinton did produce an Executive Order in late 1994 to declassify numerous documents in the National Archives, but this did not specifically refer to UFO-related files.[4]  Rockefeller funded the research of Harvard Medical School Professor Dr. John E. Mack, author of Passport to the Cosmos. He also supported the work of Dr. Steven M. Greer of the Disclosure Project.[5]