Monday, May 31, 2010

Dealing with out-of-control corporations

This is what we now have to deal with in our world because of capitalism/corporatism run amok! Trying to rein in the big corporations is like bolting the barn door after the horse has run off. Thank you, Ronald Reagan, George H.W Bush, Duhmbya Bush, and Dick Cheney -- and all Congressional representatives (supposed to represent US, tho' they only represent themselves) for deregulating big business and allowing Corporations to Rule the World.  How do you like the world you've created?  It's fine for all of you who have pocketed millions from Big Corporation Payoffs -- but just look at what it is costing the rest of us!  Will common sense EVER, EVER be practiced in our political world????!!!!!  HOW can we get these pigs at the trough to ever listen to us ("we, the people")???? They are too busy gobbling up the riches that the corporate lobbyists deliver to their door, day after day after day.  The power of the corporations has become so great, not even the president can rein them in.  If he tried, he would probably end up like JFK.  Our democratic republic has been dealt a death blow by greed and power.  We are doomed to end up like every other civilization in history that succumbed to the same kind of takeover by the elite.