Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This essay should be read by everyone

I've included some important excerpts, but the entire article is well worth the short reading time it will take. http://www.smirkingchimp.com/thread/lucinda-marshall/29011/when-the-truth-is-found-to-be-lies   We need many more Congressional leaders like Dennis Kucinich and Alan Grayson to combat the entrenched leaden-footed, corporate-funded, lying traitors who pretend to cast their Congressional votes for "the people," but who only enrich themselves with money and power at the cost of the people.  So many are fooled by their town criers, the Rush Limbaughs, Sarah Palins, and Glenn Becks. It's really pitiful.

By Lucinda Marshall


We have almost pathological blinders when it comes to seeing the obvious perils to our continued existence–climate change and global warming, peak oil, water and food shortages, melting glaciers, species extinction, deforestration, floods, droughts, oceans under siege. But still we gulp the koolaid and believe that growth is good and things will be better soon. And we are just as blind when it comes to understanding that commodifying the sanctity of corporate well-being over human welfare is ultimately our downfall, not the path to prosperity that it claims to be....
And in the Gulf–one wonders if there has been a coup–BP seems to be calling the shots. The EPA tells them not to continue to use a toxic chemical dispersant (see quote below regarding why this is so extremely terrifying and see here regarding the issue that this chemical was approved for use even though we have known about its toxicity for many years), and BP says they will keep using it. When reporters call law enforcement, they reach BP, scientific evidence is being evaluated by a company that counts BP as a client and worst of all, damage estimates are repeatedly minimized.

But the marshes are being destroyed, the oceans poisoned–there is no going back from this and as yet no way to stop it. This isn’t Exxon-Valdez, it is far, far worse and the damage beyond anything this country has ever seen and one which cannot be fixed. The Gulf coast as we know it is gone. The fishing, the tourism. There will be health consequences. There won’t be fish. Or perhaps coral reefs. Or perhaps us. And that is the truth of it.


“Dispersants can contain particular evils. Corexit 9527 -- used extensively by BP despite it being toxic enough to be banned in British waters -- contains 2-butoxyethanol, a compound that ruptures red blood cells in whatever eats it. Its replacement, COREXIT 9500, contains petroleum solvents and other components that can damage membranes, and cause chemical pneumonia if aspirated into the lungs following ingestion.

But what worries Dr (Susan) Shaw most is the long-term potential for toxic chemicals to build up in the food chain. "There are hundreds of organic compounds in oil, including toxic solvents and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), that can cause cancer in animals and people. In this respect light, sweet crude is more toxic than the heavy stuff. It's not only the acute effects, the loss of whole niches in the food web, it's also the problems we will see with future generations, especially in top predators."”