Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jon Stewart video re. Obama vs. Bush years

This is a very humorous take on how the Republicans are using old Bush comparisons to denounce each and every Obama move now.  After trying to convince us for 8 years that everything Bush did was relevant and intelligent, all of a sudden the conservative pundits/politicians are using all the Bush gaffes/mishaps/mistakes to compare Obama to in order to make Obama appear like the train wreck Bush really was.  It's very comical how their minds can twist and turn on a dime to suit their own belief system.  Jon Stewart, as always, is hilarious in his take on all of this...comparing them to a used-car salesman who tells you how wonderful the car is when he is selling it to you -- and as soon as you buy it, says, "That piece of s--t is your problem now, Buddy."  If you like to laugh and appreciate the oh-so-thinly veiled hypocrisy in politics, this is a must-watch short video. Highly recommended for overall humor value. (~.~)