Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Want to hear a real substantive interview with Bernie? Hallelujah, there IS one!

In this interview, real issues are addressed and truths are told.  You won't hear it on CNN or MSNBC, but we are fortunate there are still a very few true journalists around who ask meaningful questions and wait for meaningful answers.  What a contrast to the duds we've been sold on major media networks as interviewers/reporters. 

This is a 30-minute long interview of Bernie that all people should be allowed to see--it is one such as Jon Stewart might have done, but without all the jokes. How I miss Jon Stewart!  But we can tune in to Cenk Uygur and get real news and the same depth of truth we always got from Jon.

Treat yourself to this interview -- it's a gem!  Sure wish one like this were available on cable news, but that's a dream that will never be.....