Friday, September 25, 2015

Zipadee Doo Dah! Boehner clicks his heels with joy as he dances away

John Boehner's happy and relieved Zipadee doo dah! exit as House Speaker was sumthin' to see today.  It looks bad for the establishment candidates Bush and Kasich but good for the nutcase candidates.  Trump may actually be on his way to winning the "prize" (such as it will be with the right-wing fanatics in charge of the once fairly responsible Republican party).  Trump wants to put Sarah Palin in his cabinet if he becomes President.  Oh my, my...we are in for some crazy times ahead! Karl Rove, the Cheneys and the Bushes must be screaming and pulling out their hair (whatever they have left) by the bunches. 

Let's see....How would wise old Uncle Remus put it?  "And ol' Duhmbya, he just layin' low in the briar patch and tryin' to stay away from the finger pointin' goin' on against him and that sly ol' fox Cheney who put the first nails in the Republican party coffin."


And if GOP Rep. Peter King of New York is right, it may already be too late for the establishment to prevail.

King said Boehner's departure was essentially "throwing raw meat" to a "small but loud faction" of the GOP and was bad news for the party.

"It signals that crazies have taken over the party," King told CNN. "This has never happened before in our country. Where a person doing a job, the Speaker of the house, was removed from office, by a small faction because they want these unreasonable demands that if you don't agree with them you shut the government down. This is insanity."