Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pope Francis met with Kim Davis and encouraged her

It seems strange that someone who was denying people their legal right to marry -- making her own decision to deny them a marriage license -- would not only be given a private meeting with the Pope but even be encouraged by him in her bigotry.  Her own history of 4 marriages, in which she was not denied her right to marry the persons of her choices, makes this all the more puzzling.  To be honest, it lowers my opinion of the Pope and his decisions.  Kim Davis has received his blessing for her refusal to do onto others as she would have them do unto her, so it looks like the Golden Rule does not always have to be followed, according to the Pope. With his praise of her actions, he seems to be setting up Kim Davis as a role model for others to follow.  Sorry, but to me, she is a role model to be avoided at all cost.

In addition, the Catholic Church and its hypocrisy re. the sexual predations of its priests on children has still not been adequately addressed by any Pope, including Francis.  With all the wealth in the Catholic Church, reparation to the victims and their families should have been made LONG AGO.  Even so, no amount of money can repay them for the innocence that was taken away from them by their abusers, who, as priests in the service of God, were given the sacred duty to guide and protect the children. And what about all the children who were mistreated, beaten, and used as slave labor by nuns like the Magdalenes in Ireland--and I'm sure in many other places as well?  I think everyone should watch the documentary "Deliver Us from Evil" and the movie "The Magdalene Sisters" to learn of the dehumanizing abuse that has been perpetrated on innocent children by so-called "servants of God."

Even with all the good will Francis is bringing back to the Church, these important issues should not be ignored or forgotten.