Friday, July 29, 2011

Outrageous -- Some employers refuse to let unemployed apply for jobs!

More idiocy/absurdity in our upside-down, backwards world:

"Help wanted."

For millions of unemployed Americans, these two words are a beacon -- a light at the end of a dark tunnel in which they found themselves after Wall Street speculators wrecked our economy. For the unemployed, "Help wanted" means there is hope.

But we've recently learned an outrageous fact -- many employers are discriminating against the jobless by prohibiting them from even applying for open positions. Their "Help wanted" signs come with a caveat -- if you are unemployed, you need not apply.

For millions of U.S. workers, such discrimination is shocking and devastating. And we must make it stop.

So now we need your help.
We've started a petition asking major employment websites like and CareerBuilder to refuse ads from companies that prohibit the unemployed from applying - and it's already having an impact:

Late yesterday, responded to our campaign saying that they “strongly oppose discriminating vs. the unemployed.” But, so far, they have still not committed to refuse ads from employers who openly discriminate against the unemployed.2 Help us keep the pressure on by signing the petition and spreading the word.

It's outrageous enough that 14 million Americans are out of work. But discriminating against jobless people who just want to feed their families and stay in their homes?

Employers should not penalize applicants for a job status that they cannot control, especially when prohibiting the unemployed from applying only compounds the issue.

We need to get America back to work.
By signing our petition, you can let employers know that discriminating against the unemployed will not be tolerated.


Drew Hudson