Saturday, January 01, 2011

Incredible Qi Gong Master - flames come from his hands

This video is fascinating -- spiritual students are aware that there are many meditative techniques that can lead to the acquisition of powers -- but, as this healer finds out in the demonstration of his powers, there is a price to pay. His spiritual lineage does not allow for showing off their powers--and he is visited by and chastised by his "dead" master, and is determined never to do this again--he has now vanished from sight. This is an intriguing video, showing the power of Qi Gong.  There is so much we have to learn in our world, if only we would put our energies toward good actions, rather than greed and power.  Most on this planet are still in the infancy of evolution, but there are among us people who have evolved spiritually--in ways we can only marvel at.