Monday, January 31, 2011

Fascinating 45-minute online video -- Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla

The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla  from The Phenomenon Archives -- Dean Stockwell, host

This is an excellent presentation of the work of Nikola Tesla.  It also reveals many of the "secrets" of Tesla's experiments that are no doubt being used by our country today (HAARP weather experimentation, for instance). Immediately upon Tesla's death in 1943, the FBI rushed into his small hotel room and took away all of his papers, which they made sure were kept hidden from the public eye. 

If you are at all curious and think of yourself as a seeker of truth in science and government, this video belongs on your "must-see" list.  Once you have viewed it, you may have a broader understanding of gpvernment mysteries in our present day.  For certain, you will experience wonderment at the lost opportunities of our world because of the greed of a few power-mad men such as J. P. Morgan.  Without their personal arrogance and lust for power, fueled by fear and greed, our world could have been completely different today.  But unfortunately those small-minded men would not allow us to benefit from the free energy Tesla was offering the planet.  Tesla was a man born too soon -- a man of genius and high consciousness, whose ideas and ideals were too far beyond the ken of the lower types on the planet.  That is still true today.  We are a species that evolves very slowly when it comes to consciousness.  J. P. Morgan and Dick Cheney,
men of the same low consciousness, would have been best buddies had they been born in the same time period.

If you decide to view this video, I think you will agree it was well worth your time.  Even if you know about Tesla and his work, the video can add even more knowledge of the man--and the missed opportunities of our world.