Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rachel Maddow -- sanity amidst insanity

Click on headline below to watch Wise Woman Rachel's clear explanation about right-wingnuts running for office and their spurious claims and rants against the Democrats

The Rachel Maddow Segment You Must Not Miss

In this segment, Rachel Maddow does the following:

  • Lays waste to every single mainstream media narrative about the midterm elections
  • Exposes those narratives as the Republican wish lists that they are
  • Reminds us all of the stakes in this election, especially when it comes to the extremists being pawned off as viable candidates.

If there were a Debunkers' Hall of Fame, Rachel Maddow's name would be all over the trophy. It's so good I'm not including the transcript. Just watch. You'll see what I mean.