Friday, October 15, 2010

Why proofreaders will always be needed in this world

This is funny -- in so many ways.  First of all, the misspelling gives a whole new meaning to the candidate ("Rich Whitey" instead of Rich Whitney -- what an unfortunate first name to have in a case like this!) and will very likely turn off voters of color.  Second of all, I love the denial that it might have been done on purpose:  N
eal apologized for the mistake, which he blamed on a private vendor hired by the board. He dismissed allegations that the typo could've been intentional.  "No one at the Chicago Board of Elections or a vendor would ever do anything to, in any way, negatively affect the integrity of the election, the integrity of this office," Neal said. "That's our reputation and that's our history."

Hey, we're talking Chicago here, where the reputation and the history is FAR from lily-white! (~.~)  (This world is such a JOKE!)