Monday, October 04, 2010

Heartbreaking story -- father fights bullying after son dies
My heart is touched by this man and the pain he and his wife are living through.  I was bullied at school--my kids were also bullied.  Probably most kids at one time or another have been bullied.  Unfortunately, we live in a world of bullies.  Those bullies grow up -- and, if not taught proper behavior along the way in life, they use their hatred and anger to keep the world in constant war.  This father is putting his pain to a commendable cause -- to try to stop bullying.  Stricter rules and more vigilance at schools may help, but good parenting is where training of kids' behavior begins.  Too many parents refuse to see their child as others see them and, rather than correct the child, will defend the child's bullying behavior.  As with everything else, a dramatic change in consciousness is needed for things to really change in our world. And that change has to begin with each one of us.  Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me...