Saturday, January 10, 2009

How We Treat Our Vets -- Kick 'em out!

This article from the Army Times tells a new chapter in a very sad story -- not only denial of benefits to our vets, but blaming them for their disorders caused by the terrible conditions they have had to endure. This kind of treatment of our vets has been the norm under the Bush administration -- I hope Obama will be honoring our veterans, instead of booting them out the door! How our troops have been mistreated and ignored during the Bush years is the SHAME of our nation!!! They were sent into an unnecessary war started on lies, were exposed to depleted uranium and other toxic substances which are now causing their illnesses and deaths, suffered PTSD which has been mostly ignored, and now they are being BLAMED and PUNISHED for their illness! More "compassionate conservatism" at work. 79% of our population have had enough of this type of "compassion." Yet there are still 21% dyed-in-the-wool Republicans who actually think Bush & Cheney were representative of Republican principles (neocon-ism is NOT Republicanism in my book!) -- and still continue to defend them. Go figure.