Sunday, June 12, 2005

A letter I just sent to the Democratic Natl. Committee along with a small donation

> If we all do this, as suggested by Thom Hartmann,
>, we
> may be able to shake
> up the Democratic party and actually bring some life
> and gumption back
> into it! I honestly think this is our only hope if
> we are to win any
> more seats in Congress in 2006. If the Committee
> sees that Democrats
> everywhere are backing up the straight talk of Dean,
> maybe they will get
> a backbone, too....and we'll start to see some
> changes in the way they
> speak in public. It only takes a few minutes to
> make your opinions
> known to the Democrats--perhaps we could make a
> difference. If we don't
> try, we'll never know! By enclosing a small
> donation (mine is $10, as
> was Thom Hartmann's when he wrote them), you can
> make sure your opinion
> will at least be noticed (we can only
> hope!).....(~.~).
> 258 Waugh Avenue
> Santa Cruz, CA 95065
> June 12, 2005
> Democratic National Committee
> Membership Division
> 430 S Capitol St. SE
> Washington, DC 20003
> To the Committee:
> Dean, for speaking up
> for us disenfranchised citizens of this country.
> Until you came on the
> scene, we had no voice. You are telling it like it
> is, and those who
> are too afraid to tell the truth are mincing words
> all over the place,
> backing away from you and the truth. I am sorry
> about this.
> I AM SO GLAD to have you speaking out for us!!!! I
> am a very
> disillusioned Democrat who supported Dennis Kucinich
> in 2004 until it
> was obvious he was not going to make it. There are
> not enough conscious
> people in our country to support his approach, which
> is very sad--but we
> have to work with what we have.
> When Kerry/Edwards refused to fight for their votes
> in the vote frauds
> of Florida and Ohio, I wiped my hands of the
> mealy-mouthed wimps of the
> party. It's time for the truth to be spoken--loud
> and clear! Our
> country has been taken over by would-be fascists who
> call themselves
> neocons. If any one ever had any doubts about that,
> they should read
> Ron Suskind's NY Times article describing his
> conversation with a Bush
> aide. According to Mr. Suskind, "The aide said that
> guys like me were
> 'in what we call the reality-based community,' which
> he defined as
> people who 'believe that solutions emerge from your
> judicious study of
> discernible reality.' " The aide told Mr. Suskind,
> "That's not the way
> the world really works anymore. We're an empire now,
> and when we act we
> create our own reality. And while you're studying
> that reality --
> judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again,
> creating other new
> realities, which you can study too, and that's how
> things will sort out.
> We're history's actors... and you, all of you, will
> be left to just
> study what we do." '
> I don't know about you, but this stuff just chills
> my spine. I've read
> Arthur Koestler's "Darkness at Noon," which spurred
> me on to read about
> the various totalitarian regimes in history (Soviet,
> Robespierre, and
> others) that sprung out of for-the-people movements.
> The Bush people
> sound exactly like them. In a society where the
> ends always justify the
> means there are no ethical boundaries and truth
> exists only in relative
> terms. This is exactly the kind of society that Bush
> and the neocons are
> creating...their own "reality," which the rest of us
> are supposed to
> accept with flag-waving enthusiasm, or be labeled
> "traitors." I believe
> that, by our Democratic leaders' silence, they are
> enabling the neocons
> in their goals.
> What I've basically concluded is that any entity
> will eventually
> degenerate into totalitariansim if they believe:
> 1) major changes need to be made
> 2) they alone know how it "should" be done
> 3) all other ways are dismissed out of hand
> 4) the ends justify any and all means
> Bush/Cheney and Company are definitely an
> entity/regime of this
> nature!!! Let Howard Dean speak out about them--and
> support him in this
> effort! Being prissy and wimpy and gentlemanly has
> not worked for the
> Democrats. Follow Dean's and Nancy Pelosi's and
> Barbara Boxer's and
> Harry Reid's lead! Speak up! Tell the Truth!!! Our
> nation has become
> extremely polarized because of BushCo and his
> "elite" neocon base and
> the fundamentalist-type sheep who follow
> unthinkingly behind them. I
> have become convinced we cannot "un-polarize" it
> with mincing words.
> Much of our major media have been bought up by
> corporate buddies of
> Bush, so we the people no longer have the voice
> through the fourth
> estate that we used to count on. The journalists
> who work for these
> corporations no longer dare to ask delving,
> important questions. Many of
> them are bought puppets that speak the lines the
> (Rove) White House
> gives them. Our courts are being stacked with
> judges (i.e., Janice
> Rogers Brown, Priscilla Owens) who follow
> fundamentalist beliefs and
> impose them on the citizens. The separation of
> church and state is
> blurring--and quickly disappearing. Bush appearances
> are monitored and
> controlled to make sure only his supporters are in
> the audience. We are
> heading down a very dangerous road to fascism, and
> very few are speaking
> up about it!
> Do you want our country to become like Nazi Germany?
> If not, then let
> Howard Dean speak up--and BACK HIM UP!!! The Joe
> Bidens and Ted
> Kennedys and John Edwards voices are needed in
> support of the truth--not
> in mealy-mouthed backsteps away from Dean.
> I am a 69-year-old woman who has lived long enough
> to see world regimes
> come and go, rise and fall. I am not willing to
> stand by and see my
> children and grandchildren be forced to live under a
> fascist government
> with an empirical goal to rule the world!!! I am
> concerned about the
> environment, about the right to vote and have our
> votes counted fairly,
> about the Iraq war and where it is taking us, about
> the lies Bush told
> us to get us into it, about what really happened on
> 9/11, and about all
> of the issues that BushCo wants to undermine or
> ignore.
> Damn it! Speak up for ME! Speak up for my family!
> Speak up for
> yourselves--and for your families!!! We are all in
> this together--and
> from where I sit, it looks like we are going to have
> to go through a
> very dark period in history unless you speak up NOW,
> as Howard Dean is
> doing!!! He is the best thing the Democrats have
> going for them!!!

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