Friday, March 18, 2016

Narcissism - what's the matter with Trump and Republicans

The following description of narcissism applies to Donald Trump in every way.  It also applies, minimally or maximally, to right wingers as a whole, with a very few exceptions here and there.  Most Republicans (including their pundits and columnists) are not self-aware. They don't recognize that, by their own hatred/bigotry and their obstructive actions against the Obama White House, they are responsible for creating a Donald Trump as the leader of their party. They willingly accept neo-Nazis and the KKK as members of their party and rub elbows with them at Trump rallies. By their behavior, many Republicans have shown they have the same beliefs as those bottom-feeder types but can't admit that, even to themselves.  In horror at the FrankenTrump monster they created, they look around for whom else to blame -- and, helped and cheered on by Fox Noise hosts, have settled on (of course!) Obama and the Democrats.

If only they could look in the mirror and see what's really there:  Donald Trump staring back at them.

 Narcissism = lack of self awareness
From The Mirror Effect by Drs. Drew Pinsky and S. Mark Young:

    The key to understanding the narcissism myth is not that he fell in love with himself, but that he failed to recognize himself in his own reflection. In other words, true narcissists are not self-aware.

    A real narcissist is dissociated from his or her true self; he feels haunted by chronic feelings of loneliness, emptiness, and self-loathing and seeks to replace that disconnection with a sense of worth and importance fueled by others.

    Narcissism is also marked by a profound lack of empathy, a fundamental inability to understand and connect with the feelings of others. Taken together, these are the traits psychologists measure in diagnosing what's known as narcissistic personality disorder