Friday, March 25, 2016

Trump will not be the nominee: Keith Olbermann

I miss Keith Olbermann MUCHO!  MSNBC has a terrible group of pundits now, except for Rachel.  Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell -- UGH!  They got rid of the Best journalist/pundit they had when they fired Olbermann.  What stupidity.  Now they have a corral of "me-toos" -- who drink the water GE tells them to and spit it back out at us, much like FOX is with Rupert Murdoch.  GE is the corporation that owns MSNBC lock stock and barrel.  Even Rachel has deteriorated, as far as the election news goes.  She is clearly a Hillary supporter.  Bernie Sanders is hardly mentioned, even on the cable channel that claims to be "progressive."  Yuck.

Keith Olbermann made an appearance on ABC's The View to opine about why he believes Trump will not be the GOP nominee.


    Olbermann said, "Because of the premise of the campaign, I don't think he has a reasonable chance of being elected. At this point, from what I'm hearing, I don't even think he's going to get the nomination. Because I think the Republican Party is going to say, everybody who is in the Republican Party goes if he wins, we all lose our jobs. If he loses, we all lose our jobs. He's probably not going to win. Let's make sure he doesn't lose. We're going to lose the party to him one way or another. Everybody in the Republican Party, in the establishment, has a self-interest in keeping him away because he could bring down congressional results."

He also characterized Trump supporters beautifully.

    Keith Olbermann also shot down Trump threat of riots if he is denied the nomination, "To be fair, who are the people who are supporting him, generally speaking? What I'm saying is they're mostly people who can't really be trusted to find their own homes again once they leave them."   (SO VERY TRUE! Even the one-step-up-in-intelligence Republicans know this.)

According to The Hill, Olbermann also called Trump "the most dangerous candidate since the Civil War."

That may even be an understatement.