Tuesday, March 08, 2016

A message I just sent to Elizabeth Warren

If you want to write to Elizabeth, just go into her Senate site https://www.warren.senate.gov/, press the link for e-mail and go to it!  Following is my plea to her:

Elizabeth, I have been in your corner ever since you first started your run for the Senate. You speak my language, and I have LOVED you! I've worked for you, written about you on my blog and gotten many others to vote for you and to understand your message. I was very disappointed when you didn't run for President but hopeful when Bernie took over the run. I don't understand WHY you are NOT endorsing him?  I am an 80-year-old progressive woman and I can't stand Hillary. The only way I could vote for her is if you or Bernie were on the ticket with her.

I have been around long enough to recognize political shenanigans and they are rampant in the Democratic party, rigging the system for Hillary against Bernie. Please stand up for him! Or we will have another 8 years of the same old Wall Street hand-holding with Clinton that we've endured with Obama. Hillary has sold her soul to the banks. Are you now going to do the same?

PLEASE ENDORSE BERNIE! Even though the skids are greased for Hillary, your endorsement for him could change things dramatically!!!!  The hour is late. If not you, who?  If not now, when???