Sunday, March 27, 2016

LaPorsha Renae -- the new American Idol -- Incredible singer/performer

This girl is THE BEST American Idol contestant EVER.  She will definitely become the American Idol in this, its last season -- taking it out with a BANG.  I watch her every week and find it hard to believe that she just walked in off the street (so to speak) -- no previous experience...just likes to sing and has been singing since she was  6 years old.  She is perfection as a performer and singer, with no training whatsoever.  This girl was born to be a star!  An Aretha Franklin/Tina Turner combined!

LaPorsha doing "Proud Mary":

With Fantasia - doing "Summertime"

Singing "Halo":

Singing "Diamonds": 
Kelly Clarkson was one of the judges this week -- and was overwhelmed by  LaPorsha -- and so was the audience.