Monday, June 29, 2015

Former Air Force Environmental Hygienist blows the whistle on chemtrails.

 Talk about serendipity!  Just as I sent out 2 e-mails regarding chemtrails, a new e-mail came in for me -- subject, chemtrails and with a great video.

EXCELLENT VIDEO INTERVIEW OF A WHISTLEBLOWER re. CHEMTRAILS -- only 7 minutes long, Please Watch, especially if  you are a skeptic.

This woman is definitely not a conspiracy theorist nutcase -- she is a well-grounded, intelligent, concerned bio-environmental industrial hygienist, who performed that important job for many years with the Air Force.  She started out as a non-believer and wanted to debunk the chemtrail claims by those she thought were conspiracy nuts.  To her great shock and surprise, her investigation and test results changed her mind about everything.  When she started asking questions and persisted in trying to find answers....well, she tells her story better than I can. Suffice to say she received serious threats.  The video is only 7 minutes long and is well worth the watching for educational purposes!

Video: (7 and a half minutes) Former Air Force Environmental Hygienist blows the whistle on chemtrails.


Chemtrails: Kristen Meghan US Air Force Whistle-Blower 

Luke Rudkowski from
interviews Kristen Meghan Edwards, who
worked as US Air Force Environmental
Hygienist for a decade. She describes the
details of how she accidentally uncovered
a chemtrail program and how she was
threatened with being institutionalized and
of losing custody of her child - for simply
carrying out the duties of her job

She left the military soon afterwards and
has come forward as a chemtrail
whistleblower. She speculates here as to
the various purposes, applications and
motivations behind the spraying of

She says that she feels safe discussing
chemtrails outside of the military because
they remain the butt of jokes for many
and are still not taken seriously by the
majority.  Unfortunately.